Nitrogen Stabilizers Offer: Free Nexera Seed

Free Nexera™ hybrid seed and a $10,000 equipment rebate mean there’s never been a better time to invest in a nitrogen stabilizer.

If you’ve been thinking about adding N-Serve™ in your canola and wheat fertility program, but the cost of new equipment has held you back, then this offer is for you.

Dow AgroSciences is offering 16 bags of Nexera hybrid seed free to the first 70 growers who purchase a Raven Sidekick™ and at least one tote of N-Serve.

In addition to free Nexera hybrid seed, these 70 growers will also earn $10,000 (or 70%) back on the cost of the Raven Sidekick through our Technology Adoption Program (TAP).

Here’s how this offer works

  1. Buy a Raven Sidekick between May 30, 2017 and April 30, 2018.
  2. Purchase at least one tote of N-Serve (1,000 acres).
  3. Register your purchase through TAP to initiate equipment rebate process.
  4. Choose one of the following Nexera hybrid varieties for your 16 free bags:
    • 1012 RR, 1020 RR, 1022 RR, 1024 RR
    • 2020 CL, 2022 CL, 2024 CL

Here’s what to expect

  • Only the first 70 growers to register their Raven Sidekick purchase through TAP are eligible to receive 16 bags Nexera canola seed for free.
  • Your Dow AgroSciences rep will contact you to confirm which Nexera canola variety you want and sign a contract or Flexibility Agreement.
  • Your free Nexera hybrid seed will be delivered prior to spring seeding in 2018.
  • Your Technology Adoption Program rebates will be paid out as per the details of that program.


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