eNtrench™ is a nitrogen stabilizer that protects your investment by keeping nitrogen in the root zone longer to optimize the yield and profit potential of your corn, cereal and canola crops.

Why Use eNtrench™?

Protect your investment
Slows the conversion of ammonium nitrogen to nitrates. Nitrates are negatively charged and are prone to loss through leaching and denitrification.

Expand your application options
Apply up to two weeks earlier in fall before typical anhydrous applications.
Take advantage of reduced cost of fertilizer in the fall.

Manage time and efficiency
Fall application will save time for seeding operations in the spring.

Optimize opportunity for yield and profit
U.S. research demonstrates a yield increase on average of 5% to 7% in corn and 5% in wheat.
Dow AgroSciences Canadian research trials are currently underway in wheat, canola and corn and early results are consistent with U.S. research.

Reduce environmental impacts
Reduces greenhouse gases by 51% on average.
Reduces leaching of nitrates by 16% on average.