Interested in nitrogen stabilizers but unsure of the investment in equipment required?

We recognize that introducing nitrogen stabilizers to a fertility program comes with a significant up-front equipment cost, and we don’t want that to be a barrier for anyone. The Technology Adoption Program (TAP) was developed solely to help growers and retailers  get on board with nitrogen stabilizers.

At Dow AgroSciences, we believe so strongly in the benefits of N-Serve™ and eNtrench™ that we are prepared to give you $10,000 or 70% back on the cost of application equipment.

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How it works

  • Sign up for TAP.
  • Purchase the application equipment appropriate for the product you want to apply.
  • Tell us what you bought and send us a copy of your receipt.
  • Purchase your desired acres of N-Serve or eNtrench.
  • Dow AgroSciences will rebate the equipment cost over three annual payments, or until a maximum of $10,000, or 70%, of the purchase price has been paid.
  • Payments are based on $0.50/acre per year of N-Serve and eNtrench applied.

What it pays

What kind of money can TAP put back in your pocket?

N-Serve & eNtrench
By Year
Year 1 $13,000 4,000 $2,000
Year 2 6,000 $3,000
Year 3 8,000 $4,000
Total Rebate $9,000

The Technology Adoption Program is only available in BC Peace River Region, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.